What Method is Used to Detect the Air Duct Produced by the Spiral Duct Machine?

1. The detection method of the air duct produced by the spiral duct machine:

If light leakage is observed in the appearance of the air duct produced by the spiral duct machine, it means that there is air leakage, and the air leakage of the air duct should be repaired. For air leaks, sealants can be applied or other sealing measures can be applied at the bite seams, rivet holes, and flanging corners of the air duct; if air leaks at the flange joints, Tighten the nut or replace the flange sealing gasket according to the actual situation.

The test method for the air duct produced by the spiral duct machine is to use a light bulb with a voltage not higher than 36v and a power of 100w or more with a protective cover in the air duct on a certain length of air duct in a dark surrounding environment. One end of the air duct is slowly moved to the other end, and the air leakage is observed on the outside of the air duct.

After passing the light leakage test, the air ducts of the medium-voltage system should be randomly checked for the air leakage of the system, and all the air ducts of the high-voltage system should be tested for air leakage. The measured air leakage value of the system should meet the design and specification requirements.

2. What are the requirements for the working conditions of the spiral duct machine:

1) There should be an independent work site for the prefabrication of the air duct, the site should be flat and clean, and the processing platform should be leveled. The site of the double-sided aluminum foil insulation board air duct and other composite material air ducts should be dry, and there should be enough storage space for finished products.

2) The work site should have construction equipment and material stacking sites, and facilities and power sources should have reliable safety protection devices. The road at the work site should be clear. There must be all kinds of equipment and facilities that can meet the fire protection requirements.

3) When the spiral air duct machining equipment is arranged in the building, the bearing capacity of the building floor and beam should be considered, and corresponding measures should be taken if necessary.

4) The large-scale drawings and system drawings have been reviewed to meet the requirements, and technical and safety disclosures have been made.

5) The spiral duct machine should have a clean and closed warehouse to store finished or semi-finished products for the air duct production of the clean system.

6) The processing site of the cnc duct fabrication machine should be reserved for the transportation channel of on-site materials, finished products and semi-finished products, and the selection of the processing site should not hinder the fire channel.

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