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Introduction to the Processing and Production of Flange Rings

For the processing and production of large flange rings, the application of new technology and methods to reduce production costs, save energy and improve material utilization rate responds to the national policy of vigorously developing energy saving and emission reduction. The progress of China's equipment manufacturing industry depends on continuous technological innovation.

Flange forming machine has been widely used in many industrial fields such as wind power generation, machinery, ship, petrochemical industry, aerospace and so on. At present, there are mainly the following methods for the production of large flange rings:

1.Method of integral die forging. At high temperature, the billet is forged into a cake shape, the middle part is punched, and then the annular part is forged. By this method, not only the material utilization rate is very low and the processing cycle is long, but also the ring blank can not meet the accuracy requirements. With the progress and development of science and technology, large ring parts processed by this method have been gradually eliminated.

2.Method of ring rolling. Ring rolling, also known as ring rolling or hole reaming, is a continuous local plastic forming process in which the forged ring blank is fed into the ring rolling mill at high temperature, and the wall thickness of the ring is reduced, the diameter is enlarged, and the profile of the cross section is formed by repeated rolling. This method requires a complete set of large forging and rolling equipment, and the rolling process is coupled by static, kinematics, dynamics and other factors. The rolling deformation of ring has high complexity, and it also has some shortcomings such as difficult operation of equipment, large area and large energy consumption. Rolling forming has become the main production mode of large ring parts. Foreign scholars have done a lot of research on this production process from many aspects. The domestic research on rolling forming has also been in-depth, and some achievements have been achieved. Flange forming machine of Blackma has the characteristics of high precision, high efficiency, large diameter and high momentum.

3.Method of precise bending. The main technological process of this method is precise bending, end removal, welding groove and tailor-welded circular flange.

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