Round Duct Making Machine

Description of round duct processing machine:

Round duct processing machine consists of four types, including electric rolling machine, round duct lock forming machine, round duct lock seaming machine and round duct grooving machine. All these machines can make a complete round air duct. The round duct processing machine made by BLKMA company is very suitable for making small round duct and nonstandard round duct with economic and efficient advantages. 
Each equipment in the round duct processing machinery is developed strictly according to the corresponding requirements from rolling, locking, seaming, leveling and beading, each round duct processing requires have a corresponding machine to maximize the efficiency of processing also reduces the cost of customer use and we have high-quality requirements for ourselves. All of our mechanical parts are using the highest quality brand suppliers to ensure the stability and quality of our products.

The Features of Round Duct Making Machine:

  • Electric rolling machine: With the principle of three-axis synchronous design, the rolling machine can complete that single side adjusting axis rise and fall simultaneously to achieve the better rolling effect. Diameter can be chosen by the worker and the minimum diameter is 100 mm.
  • Round duct lock forming machine: It's especially used to make the two shapes to lock round duct. Advantages are stable working and high efficiency. You can also call it longitudinal seam connection machine.
  • Round duct lock seam closing machine: This machine is used to lock seam round air duct to fix round pipe. There are three types electric, pneumatic and hydraulic machines. Customers can choose different lock seam closing machine on the basis of sheet thickness and duct length.
  • Round duct grooving/beading machine: The grooving machine is used to bead round duct to strengthen round tube with the big diameter. There are two types electric and manual machines. You can also call it bead roller.