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What Are the Industries In Which Riveting Machines Are Applied?

Now, the use of riveting machines is becoming more and more extensive, and the industries used by different riveting machines are also different. Now I will introduce the equipment of the riveting machine and the fields it applied.

The riveting machine has a compact structure and it is convenient and safe to operate. The riveting machine is mainly riveted by rotation and pressure. The common riveting machine has the specifications and models such as pneumatic, oil pressure, and electric single head and double head. The riveting machine is a new type of riveting equipment developed by cold rolling principle, which means we can rivet items with a rivet. It is connected to mechanical equipment.

Double-grain riveting machine / three-grain riveting machine

Application: suitable for double grain rivets (for example, metal clamp, force clamp, loose-leaf folder, etc.) and double grain rivets (corn) riveting operation. The design of a double - grain (three - grain) riveting.

Pneumatic riveting machine

Mainly used in bags, handbags, shoes and hats, hardware, lighting, stationery, toys, gifts and other industries. It is suitable for automatic cutting and riveting of hollow nails, beam studs, forked nails, snap nails, tiger bone buckles, buckles, corns, four buckles and so on. The two-step blanking is controlled by the foot pedal to provide proper riveting.

Large two-stroke riveting machine (bag riveting machine)

Application: it is suitable for the riveting of leather box bottom nail, supporting belt side nail, package nail, wheel and so on.

Golf bag nailed rivet machine/revolving box rivet machine Purpose: foot pedal control for variable section feeding and proper riveting. (also suitable for rivet riveting of hollow plate turnover boxes) ball bags must be suitable for riveting 23 "and 36" throat at different locations. These several kinds of riveting machines are only small parts of all the riveting machines types and there are many other different riveting machines. There is a very wide range of modern equipment for riveting machines produced in different modern industries.

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