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Spiral Duct Forming Machines

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  • Spiral Duct Forming MachineSpiral Duct Forming Machine2017/12/12Spiral Duct Forming Machine Performance features:ModelDiameter rangeThickness range(mm)Width(mm)Feeding speed(m/min)Power(kw)Weight(kg)Dimensions(mm)L*W*HBAL-1500100~15000.5~1.21370~351620003900*3550*...
  • Round Duct Elbow MachineRound Duct Elbow Machine2017/12/12Round Duct Elbow Machine Performance features:ModelSheet thickness(mm)Diameter(mm)Weight(kg)Power(kw)Dimensions(mm)L*W*HBAW-1.2*10001.2120~100045032220*920*10500It's also used for interface modeling a...
  • Angle Steel Round Rolling MachineAngle Steel Round Rolling Machine2017/12/12Performance Features:It's used for rounding angle steel flange and 40Cr steel with overall heat treatment makes the machine more durable. Main Technical Parameters:ModelYield limitMin diameter(mm)Max...
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    Customer Visits BLKMA Factory

    December 29, 2017On August 3, 2017, a French customer came to visit the factory of BLKMA Company. He fully recognized and satisfied to our equipment and directly ordered the needed machines after visiting.view
  • Auto duct line 3 order

    Auto duct line 3 order

    April 16, 2018A customer ordered the Auto duct line 3, CNC Plasma cutting machine, TDF Flange machine, Lock forming machine, and Duct folding machine, etc. BLKMA company completed the delivery in time after receivi...view
  • How Does The Flanging Machine Roll The Steel Round?

    How Does The Flanging Machine Roll The Steel Round?

    July 5, 2018Flanging machine is the equipment that can roll all kinds of steel coil round, in its working process each component needs to cooperate with each other to let the steel roll circle, so how does each c...view
  • Iranian Customers Visit BLKMA

    Iranian Customers Visit BLKMA

    March 20, 2018Iranian customers came to BLKMA to look over our machinery and expressed satisfaction with Auto duct production line II produced by us. Plus, they signed purchase agreement on site.view
  • Methods to Maintain the TDF Flange Forming Machine

    Methods to Maintain the TDF Flange Forming Machine

    July 30, 2018In the daily use of the TDF flange forming machine, attention should be paid to maintenance, which is the guarantee of long-term stable and reliable operation of the TDF flange forming machine and is ...view
  • Duct CNC Plasma Cutting Machine from China Blkma

    Duct CNC Plasma Cutting Machine from China Blkma

    April 18, 2018BLKMA specializes in the production of desktop CNC plasma cutting machine,which is mainly used for cutting blanks of special-shaped parts in pipeline processing. The machining mode adopted by the machine ...view
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