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Main Manifestations of Pipe Bender Control System

 (1) High precision: Machining accuracy is the most basic and important requirement of hydraulic elbow making machine. With the continuous development of processing technology, the precision requirement of control system will become higher and higher. In addition, with the continuous development and improvement of the feedback device of angle measurement, the application of adaptive control technology will further improve the processing accuracy of the control system of hydraulic pipe bender and simplify the control complexity.

(2) Open architecture: In production and processing, the diversification of products often requires high flexibility of hydraulic pipe bending machine, so the design of control system architecture is more open, including hardware resources, software functional modules, bus specifications and other parts, which can require more appropriate configuration and specification. Integration improves the flexibility of users and promotes the development and application of multi-grade and multi-variety systems.

(3) Intelligence: Intelligence is the main direction of the development of NC technology. With the development of artificial intelligence, automatic programming, adaptive control, fault monitoring, fault expert diagnosis and other functions will gradually be applied to the control system of hydraulic pipe bender, which can greatly reduce labor costs and improve work efficiency.

(4) Networking: The concept of digital manufacturing of hydraulic pipe bender has been put forward and studied continuously. In order to further promote the flexibility of manufacturing, network control casting has been introduced into the field of production and processing. From the initial requirement of products to the processing and transportation of final products, all kinds of information and data are communicated through remote functions, which can greatly reduce the time and labor consumption of the whole process.

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