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Daily Use and Maintenance of Stainless Steel Hole Punch Machine

Daily use and maintenance of stainless steel hole punching machine:

First, after use, we should first power off and shut down, and then clean up the waste between the worktable and the die and lubricate with butter.
Second, clean the iron scraps on the rack and guide rod, and add lubricating oil after cleaning.
Third, replace the gear oil in the punch drive gear box. Generally, new machines should be replaced after half a month of continuous operation, and then replace after the use of every three months. The gear box lubricant uses the national standard 460 gear lubricant.
Fourth, periodic milling and replacement of punches should be done, because non-replacement for a long time is prone to be wear; it is easy to lead to unfavorable punches, resulting in burr cooling or unsatisfactory punching process, which leads to shortened service life of punches accordingly.

Stainless steel hole punching machine is mainly used in automatic equipment for processing holes on materials, such as stainless steel, anti-theft net, aluminium alloy and so on, which can realize automatic punching.

With the development of the times and the improvement of the punching technology of stainless steel hole punching machine, the advantages of using all stainless steel hole punching machine to punch various stainless steel tubes and aluminium alloy materials are obvious, so it has replaced manual mechanical processing. Stainless steel hole punching machine is more and more used in many hardware processing industries. Fully automatic stainless steel hole punching machine can thoroughly solve the problem of difficult and slow piercing of stainless steel pipe, completely replace the existing bench drill and manual piercing, and indirectly solve the serious problem of environmental pollution caused by using bench drill piercing. At the same time, it saves a lot of production costs for enterprises and protects the environment.

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