Possible Issues with Spiral Ducts Produced by Spiral Duct Machine Pipe Equipment

The air duct production line is an important part of ventilation and air conditioning systems, and most of it is made by pipe processing equipment, such as pipe production lines. However, for various reasons, problems may occur with the pipes processed by the spiral duct machine equipment.

Non-conforming materials processed by the spiral duct machine:

  • Performance: The surface of the sheet is not smooth, and the thickness is uneven. There are obvious dents, cracks, blisters, scabs, and rust marks. The air duct surface sinks and protrudes outward on both sides, with significant deformation.

  • Impact: During operation, the air duct leaks, the air conditioning load increases, and the life and performance of the wind are affected.

  • Reasons: Non-conforming materials cannot meet the needs of making air ducts.

  • Measures: Before using air duct processing equipment to make air ducts, first check the factory qualification certificate, material certificate, and appearance thickness of the material to ensure its availability.

The angles and elbows of the air duct production line processed by the spiral duct machine are not allowed:

  • Performance: The rectangular air duct is two opposite surfaces, and the two end faces are not parallel; the corners are not straight; the diagonals are not equal; the mouth is not strict.

  • Impact: Uneven connection force of the air duct, the air duct is not straight after installation, the flange gasket is not tight, the system leaks, the air conditioning load loss, and the service life is shortened.

  • Reasons: The circuit board is not accurately concealed; the air duct is two or two parallel, and the length and width of the opposite side plate are not equal.

  • Measures: When unfolding, strictly control the strict angle of the paper. The length, width, and diagonal of each sheet of paper should be controlled to ensure that the deviation is within the allowable range; the cut paper should overlap with the two paperboards on the opposite side of the air duct to check the dimensional accuracy.

Therefore, to produce practical, durable, and high-quality pipes, sufficient preparation and operation preparation need to be made before and after the spiral pipe bending machine operation to ensure complete safety.

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