How to Choose a Suitable Duct Production Line?

How to choose a suitable duct production line? BLKMA introduces various duct production lines for you, so that you can provide a reference when choosing duct production lines.

1. Duct production line 1

The duct production line 1 is the simplest production line in the air duct production process, and is an ideal equipment combination for the production of air ducts. This production line is also known as: uncoiling, leveling and shearing line, which consists of feeding racks, leveling and beading machine, mechanical shearing machine, which is controlled by a computer for leveling and shearing speed and accuracy. The maximum working speed of the production line can achieve 30 meters per minute. The accuracy is: length error ±0.5mm, diagonal error ±1.8mm, The loading rack device can be professionally configured according to customer needs. The economical air duct production line 1 can also realize uncoiling and blanking as long as the corresponding device is added. The sheet processing capacity is 1.5mm for ordinary sheet thickness and 1.0mm for stainless steel sheet. The economical air duct production line 1 has the characteristics of simple structure, simple operation, integrated microcomputer control, high work efficiency and reasonable price, and is an economical choice for air duct production.

2. Duct production line 2

The duct production line 2 adds the functions of punching the tip and punching the square mouth on the basis of duct production line 1, which can meet the blanking of air duct plates, and it can also meet the blanking work of TDF common plate flanges, and the common plate flange machine, duct lock forming machine and the folding machine are used together, and the corresponding angle code can be used to produce high-quality air ducts.

3. Duct production line 3

The duct production line 3 is an upgraded version on the basis of the second line. This production line is composed of a feeding frame, a leveling and beading machine, a hydraulic press for punching the tip and punching the square, hydraulic shearing machine and hydraulic folding machine. Fully computerized and fully closed-loop feedback control system control, with high production accuracy and operational stability. Its maximum working speed is 10m/min, the length error is ±0.5mm, and the diagonal error is ±0.8mm. The system can meet the production capacity of 1000M2 square air duct in a single shift.

4. Auto duct production line 4

The auto duct production line 4 is a linear structure, consisting of a feeding rack, a leveling and beading machine, a hydraulic tip and square punch device, a hydraulic shear, a displacement joint angle biting machine, a robot positioning and feeding platform, and double linkage It consists of a common plate flange machine and a fully automatic computer control system. Hydraulic system is adopted for punching point and punching square mouth and shearing machine. A four-line air duct production line is a cost-effective equipment with a small footprint. It is also equipped with a hydraulic bending machine for collaborative operation. It is very suitable for TDF common plate flanges, TDC plug-in flanges and angle iron flanges. The maximum feed rate is 16m/s, and the length error is ±0.5mm. The computer control system adopts a closed-loop feedback mechanism to ensure the stability and processing accuracy of the air duct production line.

5. Auto duct production line 5

Auto duct production line 5 is a one-time forming production line for air duct production. The production line is a linear structure to ensure that the air duct production line process is smooth, stable and occupies a small scale, which is convenient for small workshops and construction sites. Secondly, this type of production line is equipped with integrated digital control system ensures the full-process production of air ducts; in addition, the line is equipped with high-end, stable and reliable line body, with less failure rate, and is suitable for large-scale, long-term, high-efficiency production of air ducts. Finally, the feeding system is servo-controlled and repeated positioning is accurate, which can effectively control the accuracy and continuity of sheet feeding, sizing, shearing, biting, punching, and bending, reducing sheet loss and ensuring pass rate and aesthetics of duct forming.

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