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How To Achieve The Balance Between Price And Practicality In Auto Duct Line Production

When buying an auto duct line, some customers tend to be too much to consider its price and ignore the practicality, in fact, its price and utility are equally important, so we should achieve the balance of its price and practicability, so as to choose  auto duct line suitable for their production needs with reasonable price.

The practicality of auto duct line:

A complete auto duct line should have the following practicability:

1. Material selection and feeding function of coil materials. Choose 2 to 6 rolls of different thickness or material.

2. Compact and flat function; The function is to adjust the process before the coil material processing to prevent the production of waste.

3. Drilling, chamfering and grooving functions. This function can complete the production of the installation hole of the auto duct to avoid the inconvenience caused by later drilling.

4. Cut-off function. This function disconnects the sheet material from the coil material for further processing.

5. Transmission function. It is convenient for the coil material to be processed automatically in the next process.

6. Bite. This function realizes the edge pressing operation on the sheet material, making joint Angle.

7. Common plate flange forming. This function is the key step of making a double-sided common flange.

8. Bending and forming. The last process is completed and the rectangular auto duct with common flange has been formed.

Therefore, after considering the practicability of the auto duct line, we will consider its price. As the saying goes: cheap is not good, good is not cheap. When considering the price of its equipment, we should not be greedy for a small price, but combine the manufacturer's production quality and other aspects of consideration. Meanwhile, we cannot let ourselves suffer loss, we do not need to buy the most expensive one, but the best, which is one important standard when we choose the auto duct line.
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