Applications and Advantages of Steel Belt Spiral Duct Machine

The steel belt spiral air duct machine adopts different specifications and lengths of steel belts. It can process the corresponding size or any size of the duct. It can use a high-speed synchronous automatic cutting system to cut according to the demand of the length. In addition, tube mould and plasma cutting function can be added (steel belt plus tube mould, circular saw cutting plus plasma cutting, one machine for four uses, to meet different processing needs of customers)

Ⅰ. The functions of spiral duct machine

A spiral duct machine is used to produce a spiral duct. This kind of duct is used in various military industries and also used in the manufacture of ventilation pipe and exhaust pipe of a train, subway, and other facilities. The spiral air duct with good quality is less noisy, and it has no water or air leakage and good corrosion resistance.

A spiral duct machine is a machine used to produce a spiral duct. Spiral duct machine is also known as spiral seam thin wall pipe. First, it applied to the military industry of western countries, such as naval ships, ships exhaust (send) wind system, and later used in trains, subways, mines, and other civil facilities.

According to statistics, the applications of spiral ducts in office buildings, shopping malls, subways have reached 95.6%. The application of spiral air ducts in civil residential central air conditioning also reached 72.5%.

Ⅱ. The advantages of spiral duct machine

1. The product compatibility is good and the degree of standardization is high.

2. The sealing property of the spiral air duct machine is good.

3. The ventilation loss is small.

4. Ventilation noise is small. A round pipe is better than a straight pipe. It is convenient for a factory to inspect.

5. Antibalanced external pressure (negative pressure) program

6. Save material.

7. Easy installation, fewer connection points, small installation space, low installation cost. The overall layout of the spiral duct machine installation is beautiful.

8. It is Convenient for daily maintenance and cleaning. Less humidity, less resistance along the section, and less energy loss.

9. All mechanical processing, one molding without second processing

10. It Uses a high-speed flying cutting machine. The accuracy of the spiral duct is high.

11. It is more convenient to install by using four ways of reducing diameter sleeve, casing interconnecting, flange interconnecting and belt interconnecting.

12. The external insulation quality of the pipe is better than that of the rectangular duct.

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