What Machines Are Used in the Production of HVAC Pipes?

There are many types of HVAC projects, requiring many different tools and equipment. When creating heating and ventilation ducts, special tools are needed to process sheet materials, and even more precise heating and ventilation duct processing machines are needed to manufacture ducts. Anhui Blackma Heavy Industrial Machinery Co., LTD is a professional duct production equipment manufacturer.


1. Bite machine-press the metal plate into a special shape so that the parts can be locked together to form a solid part that will not be easily separated.


2. Flange forming machine - a flange allows quick connection and disassembly of pipeline parts. The flange forming machine rolls the metal plate into a flange.


3. Folding machine - can be used to bend the metal plate into the required shape.


4. Hydraulic shears-use hydraulic press to cut metal plates.


5. Hydraulic material rack - can be used to store and transport metal plates or coils.


6. Hydraulic rivet pliers - can be used to remove the protruding part of the damaged rivet.


7. Three roller bending machine - can be used for conveying pipes, metal rods, metal plates, etc., and can continuously bend at a specific angle.


8. Duct seaming machine - just put the finished duct into the vertical seaming machine and then the last step of the duct-seaming can be completed.


9. Round elbow biting machine - can be used for making elbows for round tube biting and closing. One machine can both bite and close.


10. CNC plasma cutting machine - can be used to cut specific shapes from metal plates.


11. Spiral duct machine - can be used to make metal strips into spiral pipes, change different size molds to form round pipes of different sizes, so that the size of the air pipe is more accurate and unified, the pipe size is more stable, the sealing performance and the forming effect are better, and the forming process is more stable and faster.


12. Fully automatic air duct production line - an integrated air duct production line composed of multiple systems, which can automatically manufacture air ducts. Air ducts of different sizes, shapes and specifications can be processed according to requirements, and the production speed can be adjusted.

Not all HVAC pipe manufacturing machines are necessary, but many of them make it less difficult and time-consuming to manufacture ducts. If you have enough space to put these equipment and can afford it, you can buy it because it will greatly improve production efficiency and bring huge economic benefits to the enterprise.

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