The Use and Working Environment of the Spiral Duct Machine

Ⅰ. What are the uses of the air duct produced by the spiral duct machine?

The first is air supply, including ventilation, such as fresh air supply and exhaust air. This range is very wide, such as factory workshops and production site air. Due to the generation of harmful gases, it needs to be discharged outdoors, and outdoor air needs to be transported indoors. At this time, it is necessary to use the air conveying pipeline with large flow and low pressure. The spiral air duct produced by the spiral duct machine is the most suitable. Generally, galvanized iron pipe is used, and stainless steel pipe is used in corrosive and particularly humid places.

Secondly, the cold air is supplied, the most common is the pipeline of the central air conditioner, which requires insulation materials. The spiral air duct can be pasted with thermal insulation material, and the appearance looks beautiful.

To exhaust the oil fume again, a large amount of oil fume is generated in the kitchens of restaurants, restaurants and hotels, which needs to be discharged. The circular air duct is the oil chimney. Here, the spiral duct should be called a fume duct.

Dust off at the end. In some factories, there is a lot of dust in the production workshop, and special dust removal devices are required. For pipes with large air flow, a spiral duct machine can be used.

Bulk material conveying. In the production process of some factories, it is necessary to transport loose particles, especially the use of spiral air ducts with low specific gravity such as foamed plastic particles, which has low cost and good effect.

Ⅱ. The working environment of the spiral duct machine

With the increase in the popularity of the spiral duct machine in daily industrial production, our industrial production has greatly improved the efficiency, but the working environment of the spiral duct machine also has certain requirements. The production environment can ensure the normal operation of the spiral duct machine and play its greatest role. For this reason, we should pay attention to the following points:

1. Ensure that the working environment of the spiral duct machine is clean and hygienic, do not crowd with garbage, and do not place inflammable and explosive materials.

2. Ensure that the environment is dry, prevent moisture, cause moldy materials, and affect the internal parts of the cold bending machine.

3. Try to make the workshop of the spiral tube making machine as spacious as possible, because the cold bending machine is a large-scale equipment, it is inevitable to make noise, and the spacious environment will help the noise output, and will not be noisy.

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