Performance Features of Plasma CNC Cutting Machine

1. In order to ensure the cutting effect, the plasma CNC cutting machine China can keep a certain distance from the product to ensure the cutting effect.

2. In order to facilitate the user to use the equipment, the calculation program in the plasma CNC cutting machine can automatically generate the trajectory running route, and the operation mode is also various, which can be the two-column center straight intersection, eccentric intersection, vertical intersection and so on.

3. The plasma cutting machine china has the function of distance adjustment. With the cutting process, the heat rising and deformation, it needs to adjust the cutting distance at any time. And for some products with irregular shape, it is inevitable that there is something not thoughtful in advance, which needs to be adjusted at any time in the actual cutting process.

4. The plasma CNC cutting machine can automatically adjust the cutting speed. Since there are differences in shape and thickness of some products, plus the different cutting angle, the cutting speed should be different  to ensure the cutting effect.

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