Advantages and Characteristics of Automatic Spiral Duct Machine

The spiral duct machine is a thin-walled pipe made of a spiral bite made of metal strips. It is round, no welding, no air leakage and no water leakage. It is mostly used for air supply and bulk material transportation. It replaces the traditional white iron pipe (i.e. manual seam iron pipe). There are a lot of preparations that need to be done before the construction and installation of the spiral duct machine, and the specific installation method should be looked at in combination with the actual site.

If the spiral duct machine can be understood in detail, we can know some basic conditions of the ventilation duct (galvanized spiral air duct, stainless steel spiral air duct, thin iron spiral air duct), and it is true that the construction can be carried out normally. We can also take a look at some common construction methods now, and after understanding clearly, we can also know the material and usage of the pipeline. So, what are the performance characteristics of the spiral duct machine? Let's take a look together.

Ⅰ. The possibility of spiral duct machine

1. Under the same length, the number of flange connections is small, and the sealing performance is better than that of rectangular air ducts, which improves the ventilation quality of the system.

2. Under the same plate thickness and the same pipe diameter, the automatic cutting machine china has high strength.

3. Under the same cross section, the structural tension of the circular air duct is more reasonable than that of the rectangular air duct, which greatly improves the rigidity of the air duct and significantly reduces the chattering noise.

4. The appearance of the air duct is round and beautiful.

Ⅱ. The quickness of the spiral duct machine

1. High-efficiency construction, which is suitable for large-scale projects with short construction periods.

2. The automatic spiral duct machine does not require on-site processing procedures, reducing on-site operators and management procedures.

3. Mechanized production,which has high efficiency.

4. Compared with the rectangular air duct, the matching special-shaped pipe fittings are highly standardized, the hoisting is simple, and the error probability is greatly reduced.

5. The single lifting point of the small diameter spiral air duct, the lifting is fast and efficient.

6. The number of connecting flanges of the automatic spiral duct machine is small, and the workload of hoisting and connecting is reduced by about 50%.

Ⅲ. The economy of spiral duct machine

1. The hoisting efficiency of the automatic spiral duct machine is twice as high as that of the snap lock rectangular duct during construction.

2. Under the same conditions, the low-speed air supply and exhaust of the air duct can be changed to high-speed air supply and exhaust. The system design can reduce the total amount of air ducts, which is not only economical, but also saves space.

3. Under the same conditions, the installation of auxiliary materials is simple, the quantity is small, and the cost of installation of auxiliary materials for the automatic spiral duct machine is reduced by 30%.

4. According to the specification, the thickness of the plate is reduced by 10%-15% for the same pipe diameter.

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