Introduction of the Principle of Use of the Spiral Duct Machine!

1. What principles should be followed when using the spiral duct machine?

One is the principle of average force, so that under the condition of average force, the balance of wear can be effectively guaranteed, and the service life of the spiral duct machine can be extended. Then there is the issue of rolling stability, which requires attention to the symmetry between the roller and the roller when designing and manufacturing, and requires that the amount of the materials used must be calculated. That is, the accuracy of the roller processing and the protection of the orbital arc must be guaranteed at the same time.

In the market of the spiral duct machine, manufacturers and distributors are the relationship between fish and water. The sales volume of spiral duct machine dealers determines the performance of manufacturers, and the overall planning of manufacturers determines the survival of dealers. In order to make a spiral duct machine enterprise bigger and stronger, the coordination of manufacturer and dealer is an essential link.

2. The necessary conditions for the production line of the spiral duct machine manufacturer

The integrated promotion of spiral duct machine manufacturers is very important, so as to realize the growth of all the following dealers, which is closely in line with the  integration value of "advancing and retreating together, sharing honor and disgrace, not abandoning, not giving up" of manufacturer.

The duct production lines are widely used in various CNC fields, and in the future, it will also become the main force in the market of CNC machine tools. So how to ensure quality and product performance on the production line of ducts? It is necessary to understand the necessary conditions for the production process:

(1) The side length of the rectangular duct is greater than 630mm, the side length of the insulating duct is greater than 800mm, the length of the pipe section is greater than 1250mm, or the unilateral flat area of the low-pressure duct is greater than 1.2㎡, and the medium and high-pressure ducts are greater than 1.0㎡, all of which should be reinforced;

(2) The reinforcement of irregular flat oval spiral duct should be carried out with reference to that of rectangular ducts. Quantity of inspection: 5% of the batches of processing batches shall be randomly checked, and the number shall not be less than 5 pieces. Inspection method: ruler measurement, observation inspection.

(3) Reinforcement measures should be taken if the diameter of circular ducts (excluding spiral ducts) is greater than or equal to 800mm, and the length of the pipe section is greater than 1250mm or the total surface area is greater than 4㎡.

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