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TDF Clip Cutting Machine

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  • TDF Clip Cutting MachineTDF Clip Cutting Machine2017/12/12TDF Clip Cutting Machine Performance features:ModelMax thickness(mm)Power(kw)Weight(kg)Dimensions(mm)L*W*HC-151.52.2200620*500*1350The hydraulic TDF clip cutting machine is used to cut TDF flange. Max...
  • Small Electric Shearing MachineSmall Electric Shearing Machine2017/12/12Small Electric Shearing Machine Performance Feature:Small electric shearing machine is with reduction motor and no gears structure so that the machine requires less maintenance. This small guillotine ...
  • Hydraulic Folding MachineHydraulic Folding Machine2017/12/12Hydraulic Folding Machine Performance Feature:Hydraulic folding machine is a sheet metal folding machine that makes rectangular HVAC duct. The machine can be used to bend max thickness 2.5 mm TDF shee...
  • Auto Duct Production Line 2Auto Duct Production Line 22017/12/12Auto Duct Production Line 2 Performance Features:Aluminum alloy suspension arm makes the machine easy to operate.The build-in control cabinet reduces wiring as a whole structure and makes it easy to m...
  • Round Duct Making MachineRound Duct Making Machine2017/12/12Round duct processing machine includes electric rolling machine, round duct lock forming machine, round duct lock seaming machine and round duct grooving machine.
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