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The Operating Process of Folding Machine

The folding machine has been widely used to produce stainless steel sheet products with a simple shape, but these products are mostly produced by cold bending puncher.

The operating process of folding machine:

1. Before the operation, people should wear tight protective clothing, fasten the cuff, not be open the upper garment, and people should not wear or change clothes around the machine tool, or should not peri cloth around the machine to prevent being twisted by the machine. People must wear a safety helmet, and put the plait in the hat, and could not wear a skirt or slippers.

2. After the professional study and understanding the structure, performance and the correct way of installing the mold, the folding worker can operate the folding machine alone.

3. Lubricating oil should be added before using the folding machine. And as an inspection, the worker should make the machine run idle for two minutes.

4. After starting, the worker must wait for the running speed to be normal, and then the worker can start working. At the same time, observe the surrounding personnel dynamics to prevent hurting people.

5. Do not use this machine beyond its specifications.
6. When many people operate one machine, they should be directed by one person. When the workpiece turns over or moves forward and backward, the operators on both sides should be in close contact and act in perfect unison.

7. It is not allowed to have welding slag and larger burr on the material to prevent mold damage.

8. The work done, the power should be cut off, and the machine maintenance and environmental cleaning should be done well.
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