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Lock Forming Machine

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  • Round Duct Lock Seam MachineRound Duct Lock Seam Machine2017/12/12Round Duct Lock Seam Machine Performance features:ModelThickness of plate(mm)Machining length(mm)Weight(kg)Power(kw)Dimensions(mm)L*W*HYJB-12500.4~1.212503500.752250*610*1450It's automatic type used f...
  • Round Duct Lock Forming MachineRound Duct Lock Forming Machine2017/12/12Round Duct Lock Forming Machine Performance features:ModelMax thickness(mm)Power(kw)ShapeWeight(kg)Dimensions(mm)L*W*HSA-12C1.21.52201070*570*920SA-15C1.533401200*650*1050Locking machine is necessary ...
  • Pneumatic Lock Seam MachinePneumatic Lock Seam Machine2017/12/12Pneumatic Lock Seam Machine Performance Feature:Pneumatic lock seaming machine is used to lock rectangular air tube within 1250 mm length. The machine needs to connect with air pump. Its advantage are...
  • Lock Forming MachineLock Forming Machine2017/12/12Performance Features:Locking machine is necessary in duct area because it can produce all kinds of types to meet locking requirements. Standard machine can process 0.5-1.5mm galvanized sheet metal, an...
  • Hydraulic Lock Seaming MachineHydraulic Lock Seaming Machine2017/12/12Hydraulic Lock Seaming Machine Performance Feature:Hydraulic lock seaming machine is used to lock 0.3-1.2 mm thickness rectangular HVAC air duct within 1500 mm length. The machine adopts PLC control a...
  • Electric Lock Seaming MachineElectric Lock Seaming Machine2017/12/12Electric Lock Seaming Machine Performance Feature:Electric lock seaming machine can lock 0.3-1.2 square HVAC air duct. This machine is small and very easy to operate. It's suitable for lock closing du...
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