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What Are The Advantages Of One-drag Snap Lock Duct Machine?

Air duct machine is also called air conditioning air duct machine or air duct machine air conditioning. It uses concealed installation like household central air conditioning, and has no difference in appearance. Ordinary air-conditioning is usually wall-mounted or standing type, which has a certain difference with air duct. Which is the better effect of air duct and air conditioning? Next let's look at the advantages of one-drag snap lock duct machine.


The air duct machine is usually hidden in the indoor ceiling. It takes the air conditioning of all the room space as a whole to realize. It can overcome the shortcomings of partitioned wall hanging and cabinet air conditioning, such as the partial treatment of the partitioned room and the uneven air flow, so as to ensure a more reasonable indoor air distribution. Compared with ordinary air conditioning, the use of one-tow air duct can make the indoor temperature more uniform, less fluctuation, and it can bring people a higher sense of comfort.

II. Installation

Most of the air ducts are installed before the house is decorated. Achieve fashionable and exquisite installation effect through close cooperation with decoration and construction. Air-conditioning pipelines and equipment can be concealed in the ceiling, with different functions of room decoration to create different layout, so as to achieve the special aesthetic sense of wind pipe installation. The split air-conditioning indoor unit must be hung on the inner wall or placed on the ground, which not only occupies the indoor space, reduces the use area of the room, but also affects the overall indoor decoration effect.

III. Maintenance

The service life of air duct machine is long, and there will be no equipment failure in general. Maintenance is also more convenient. The ordinary split air-conditioning refrigeration compressor not only has a large number, but mostly hangs on the external wall, so it is relatively troublesome to maintain.

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