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What is the Future of Ventilation Ducts?

With the rapid growth of China's national economic construction, central air-conditioning technology has also developed rapidly, and new products and technologies are constantly emerging in the fierce competition. The choice of ventilation air conditioning ducts material is related to the investment and operation efficiency of the entire ventilation and air conditioning system.

The requirements for materials in the production process of the ventilation pipe production line are quite elegant. When the surface layer of the air duct is an aluminum foil material, in order to ensure that the surface layer is not easily damaged, the aluminum foil material and its thickness are stipulated. The thickness of aluminum foil on the surface of the duct, which is composed of aluminum foil and reinforced material, is also specified.

Secondly, it is one of the basic conditions to ensure the composite material that the inner, outer surface and inner adiabatic materials of the thin steel flange are firmly bonded. Plate defects that exceed a certain area not only affect the service life of the duct but also sometimes reduce its insulation effect. Therefore, the defect must not exceed 6‰ to achieve the normal use of the material in the system.

At present, non-metallic air duct materials have developed rapidly, and there are many varieties. Because of its characteristics and advantages, its application has become more and more extensive. In order to ensure the safety in use, the auto ducts made of these materials are required to have the combustion performance of the B1 level that is non-flammable or non-flammable according to the needs of the project, and their surface layers must use non-flammable materials. According to the application practice and product condition of our country for many years, the minimum value of the strip strength test and the thickness value of aluminum foil for thermal tape and pressure tape are specified. The required tape width should not be less than 50mm to prevent the tape from being used to meet the strength of the wall seal and the service life of the duct. The advantage of the thermal tape is that it relies on hot melt bonding. As long as it is not heated, the rubber surface is cured at a normal temperature and has a firm bonding strength.
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