Electric Rolling Machine

Electric Rolling Machine

Pre-bending function makes straight edges narrower, and it can even round small round pipe with diameter of 100mm. Combined with manual worm gear and eccentric wheel device, the machine can quickly move side rollers up and down to improve efficiency.

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Electric Rolling Machine Performance Features:


Max thickness(mm)

Max width(mm)

Min diameter(mm)


























The pre-bending function makes straight edges narrower, and it can even round small round pipe with a diameter of 100mm. It can cooperate with the round duct locking machine and the round duct lock seam machine to produce the round air duct. Combined with the manual worm gear and eccentric wheel device the machine can quickly move side rollers up and down to improve efficiency. This rolling machine has a precise divided mechanism structure to ensure the synchronization of the three rollers when working at the same time. The bottom and the side roller's vertical movement is controlled by lifting screw to achieve rolling with the different diameter. Round duct processing machine includes electric rolling machine, round duct lock forming machine, round duct lock seaming machine and round duct grooving machine. All these machines can make a complete round air duct. The round duct processing machine made by BLKMA company is very suitable for making small round duct and nonstandard round duct with economic and efficient advantages. BLKMA company specializes in manufacturing and sales of air duct line II, III, IV, V, CNC angle steel flange production line, shear, folding, machine, bender, duct zipper, spiral former, CNC plasma cutter, elbow maker, TDF flange machine, grooving machine, slip roller machine and so on. Each equipment in the round duct processing machinery is developed strictly according to the corresponding requirements from rolling, locking, seaming, leveling and beading, each round duct processing requires have a corresponding machine to maximize the efficiency of processing also reduces the cost of customer use and we have high-quality requirements for ourselves. All of our mechanical parts are using the highest quality brand suppliers to ensure the stability and quality of our products. The electric rolling machine is small, the motor power just 1.5kw, but It can do things that other devices can't, so it's very important for the production of the round duct.

Electric Rolling Machine Basic Configuration:

  • One motor
  • One electronic box
  • One control electric system
  • One set of mold
  • One foot switch

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