Advantages of Spiral Duct Machine and Introduction of Duct Applications

The reason for the hot sales of spiral duct machines

The dual advantages of the spiral duct machine product are what we need to know. Many people have heard of the dual advantages of spiral duct machines, and now we will introduce them in detail. The dual advantages of spiral duct machines are reflected in two aspects:

  • The production speed of spiral duct machines is fast, and the shipment rate is relatively high, which greatly improves the actual production efficiency and brings considerable benefits to enterprises. The footprint of spiral duct machines is small, and the specific operation is simple and convenient.

  • The internal design of light steel keels is multi-layered and sufficient for protection, the body material is relatively good, the pressure-bearing capacity is large and difficult to deform, and the ability of the frame structure is strong with a long usage time. The production of spiral duct machines is in a booming state, and the workers in the spiral duct machine production workshop are continuously producing, striving to advance the progress.

What is the purpose of the mechanical air duct of the spiral duct machine?

  • Air delivery. Including ventilation, such as fresh air delivery and exhaust, this type of duct fabrication equipment has a wide range of applications, such as in factory workshops and production site air. Harmful gases need to be discharged outdoors, and outdoor air needs to be transported to the room. Spiral ducts are suitable for this purpose, generally using galvanized iron pipes, and stainless steel pipes are used in corrosive and particularly humid places.

  • Cold air delivery. The most common is the central air conditioning duct, which requires insulation material.

  • Some exhaust. Oil fumes are produced in large quantities in the kitchen of restaurants, hotels, and restaurants and need to be discharged. Circular air ducts are used as smokestacks.

  • Dust removal. Some factories have a lot of dust in the production workshop and require special dust removal devices. Spiral ducts with a large air flow rate can be used.

  • Bulk material transportation. Some factories need to transport loose particles in the production process, especially lightweight ones such as foamed plastic particles, using spiral ducts, which have low cost and good effects.

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