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Common Failure And Analysis of Duct Joint Machine.

Duct joint machine is a kind of mechanical equipment used for duct joint, which is simple in structure and easy to operate. It can also be used in conjunction with other air duct equipment, which greatly improves working efficiency. Have you ever encountered some trouble with duct joint machine when you use duct joint machine? Today, I have summarized some common problems and causes of windpipe joint sewing machine, and I will share with you.

1.  turning round and round Main reason: lack of butter, need to change new butter; Front cover wear, need to replace valve; Damage to part of the strike part, remove sundries.

2.  slow spindle speed Main reason: A reverse lever or speed pole position error, need to confirm location; Oil is not enough, need refueling; Air pressure is too low to adjust the air pressure.

3.  Exhaust gas, no gyration and no blow Main reasons: the parts of the percussion parts are broken, and the parts need to be changed. The lack of butter requires the replacement of new butter.

4.  insufficient strike department Main reason: switch valve has sundries, need to change impact parts; The spring breaks and needs a new spring. When the windpipe joint machine appears above several problems, must not ignore, should carry on the timely processing. Otherwise, it will affect the normal use efficiency of the duct joint.
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