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The Application and Advantages of the Portable Riveting Machine

Portable riveting machine is suitable for automatic blanking riveting of hollow nails, hollow nails, bundle nails, fork nails, collision nails, tiger bone buttons, buckles, cockeyes, quadruple buttons, etc. The foot pedal controls the two-stage blanking to be riveted correctly. Single riveting and rivet cutting are done automatically.

Usage: The foot pedal controls the variable cutting and gives the correct riveting. (It is also applicable to riveting of hollow plate turnover box) Bag must be suitable for riveting 23 "and 36" throat depth at different locations. Single material riveting; rivet automatic feeding; sleeve manual feeding.

The literal meaning of portable riveting machine is full automation, which reduces the cost of labor and has fewer and no need to punch.

The main advantages are summarized as follows:

1. The connection point is firm and reliable.
2. There is no consumption of raw materials and no need for auxiliary materials.
3. Beyond the limitations of metal materials and thickness.
4. It can form a connection between a circular point and a giant point.
5. There is no thermal stress in the connecting area.
6. No damage to the protective layer on the surface of the workpiece.
7. No pre-treatment or post-treatment is required. Sandwich and multi-layer connections are allowed.
8. Good working environment, with no dust, no smoke, no noise.

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