Spiral Pipe Machine with Elbow Machine and Other Equipment Used to Make Product More Perfect

A spiral pipe machine is a machine that produces a spiral pipe. Spiral pipe, also known as spiral seam thin-walled pipe, was first used in the military industry of Western countries, such as warships, steamships (supply) air system, and later used in trains, subway, mines, and other civilian facilities. By 2000, according to statistics, the application of spiral pipe in office buildings, shopping malls and metros in the United States had reached 95.6%, and the application of spiral pipe in central air-conditioning in residential buildings had reached 72.5%.

The special pipe is a thin-walled pipe with spiral seam made of metal strip coil. It is round, weldless, leak-free and water-free. It is mostly used for air supply and bulk material transportation instead of traditional white iron pipe (i.e. manual seam-biting iron pipe). It is a kind of air duct, full machine straight pipe, without manual knocking.

Its main uses are as follows:
1. Air supply, including ventilation, such as fresh air supply and exhaust, covers a wide range of areas, such as factory workshops and production sites, which need to be discharged outdoors due to the generation of harmful gases, and also need to transport outdoor air to indoors. At this time, it is necessary to use air conveying pipelines with a large flow and low pressure. Spiral pipes are most suitable. Generally, galvanized iron tubes are used, and stainless steel tubes are used in corrosive and especially humid places.
2. Cold air supply. The most common is the central air-conditioning pipeline, which requires insulation materials. The spiral pipe can be insulated with heat preservation material and has a beautiful appearance.
3. Fume exhaust. The kitchens of restaurants, restaurants, and hotels all have a lot of oil fumes, which need to be discharged. The use of circular air ducts is the oil chimney. Here, the spiral pipe should be called lampblack.
4. Dust removal. In some factories, there is a lot of dust in the workshop, and special dust removal devices are needed. The spiral duct can be used in the pipeline with larger air flow.
5. Bulk material transportation. In the production process of some factories, loose particles need to be transported, especially those with a small proportion, such as foamed plastic particles, which use spiral pipe with low cost and good effect.

Because the spiral pipe machine can only produce straight pipes, elbow machines and other equipment have been developed. Among them, the double elbow machine can achieve a high degree of production flexibility by operating at the same time through two individual workbenches: one is the curling workbench, the other is the biting workbench. Therefore, the machine can be used freely at any time without time-consuming conversion. Two workbenches work at the same time. The product is not only beautiful in appearance, but also firm, and light in weight.
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