Preventive Analysis of Vibration and Noise in Spiral Duct Mechanical Pipe and Installation Process

Ⅰ. Pipes produced by spiral duct machinery

The pipes produced by spiral duct machinery have a wide range of applications. Tubes are used in many industries. Different industries have the characteristics of different industries, and thus have different technical requirements. Pipe is a relatively mature product, and various industries have corresponding technical standards. To detect pipes, select the corresponding product standards according to the industry in which the pipes are used, and test the corresponding technical indicators according to the needs of the industry.

Generally, there are size indicators, inner diameter, outer diameter, wall thickness, and strength indicators. The strength indicators of pipes include radial compressive strength, that is, ring stiffness, flexibility indicators, bending indicators, impact strength, etc.

Ⅱ. How to prevent vibration and noise during the installation process of the automatic spiral duct machine?

1. Set up the damping device

The connection between the fan and the spiral air duct is connected by a hose. The hose at the fan inlet should be installed with a moderate degree of tightness, so as to avoid noise and vibration caused by reducing the area of the air inlet and outlet due to soft connection.

Spiral duct machine is a ductwork machinery that produces spiral ducts. Spiral ducts, also known as spiral seam thin-walled ducts, are mostly used in military industries in western countries. The main purposes are as follows: air supply, including ventilation, such as fresh air and exhaust, send cold air. The most common is the central air-conditioning pipeline, which requires insulation materials.

2. Air leakage test of air duct produced by spiral air duct machinery

After the spiral air duct is installed, the air leakage test is required. According to the regulations, the air leakage test of the spiral air duct adopts the combination of light leakage method and quantitative air leakage test. The light leakage method is suitable for the tightness test of medium and low voltage systems; The air leakage test is suitable for the sampling inspection of the medium pressure system and the full detection of the high pressure system.

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