Overview of the classification of shearing machine

Use and classification of shearing machine The shearing machine is mainly used in cutting the straight edge of various sizes of sheet metal and is widely used in cars, planes, steel rolling, tractors, ships, Bridges, electric appliance, instrumentation, boiler, pressure vessel and other industries.

There are many kinds of shearing machine. According to their use and structure, they can be divided into:

First, the Flat blade shearing machine.

It features superior quality, small deformation but large energy consumption. And the two blades are parallel to each other. It is often used in the hot shearing of the Square bloom and the slab in plants.

Second, inclined blade shearing machine.

The upper and lower blade of the shearing machine form an Angle, and the upper blade inclines 1 ° ~ 6 °. The shearing force of the inclined blade shears is smaller than that of the flat blade shearing machine, so the power of the motor and the weight of the whole machine is smaller. It is commonly seen in the practical application. This kind of shearing machine is divided into guillotine shearing machine and pendulum sheet shearing machine according to the motion of the tool holder. And according to the main drive system, it can be divided into two types: mechanical transmission and hydraulic transmission shearing machine.

Third, Multi-purpose shearing machine:

The sheet bending and shearing machine can complete the cutting and bending process on the same machine, which is convenient and practical. Combined punching and shearing machine can be used for cutting of sheets and proximate matter, most of which occur in the laying-off process.

Forth, Special shearing machine:

Sheet flat line shearing machine is used in sheet coil straightening lines. The high-speed shearing machine is designed to cooperate with fast shear requirements. On the thick sheet shearing line, there is mostly hydraulic high-speed shearing machine. While on the thin sheet line, there is mostly pneumatic guillotine shearing machine. And on the high-speed line, there is flying shear, which can work continuously and brings high production efficiency. Steel structure production line shears are mostly used in Angle steel and H section automatic production line to complete the cutting process. Cold bending molding line shears, such as the cold bending line of automobile longitudinal beam, the production line of the side baffle of the car, the molding line of color steel sheet and other special shearing machines.
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