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The Seven Advantages Of Flange Forming Machine

Flange forming machine is able to produce excellent flanges quickly and efficiently because of its many characteristics, mainly 7 aspects.

1. Small size and Lightweight

The flange forming machine adopts a new technology of transmission structure. Its input shaft and output shaft in on the same axis. The unique feature is that it is connected to the motor. Therefore the machine features compact structure, small volume, and lightweight.

2. High mechanical efficiency, few breakdowns, and Long life.

The main transmission mesh piece of this machine adopts high-quality alloy steel. The work roll end bearing is manufactured with imported foreign technology, which brings it large carrying capacity and reduces the friction power loss. Therefore, the mechanical performance, wear-resistance features excellent. Besides, the rolling friction brings few breakdowns and Long service life.

3. Reliable and stable operation.

During the transmission of the machine, the multi-teeth meshing makes the operation stable and reliable and brings the low noise.

4. Easy to disassemble and install and easy to repair.

The machine adopts the overall structure. It features reasonable design, strong rigidity, easy disassembly, assembly, and maintenance.

5. Strong capacity of overload, impact resistance, low inertia moment.

It is suitable for starting frequently and positive and reverses rotation which will Improve service life of the motor.

6. Strong bearing capacity, long life, fast winding speed, reliable product quality, etc.

7. Safe operation, high efficiency, convenient adjustment, long service life, low energy consumption and cost reduction.

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