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How to Inject Lubricating Oil Into Shearing Machine

It must be safe and reliable in order to work without problems for the machine safety. We need to scrub and maintain them regularly when we maintain machine tools. It needs ten minutes to do all these maintenance work well. Make sure that people leave the machine while working. For the designated person, be sure to make the machine cannot be manipulated by the novice.

The wear and tear of the shearing machine are closely related to the care in our daily life. So when we do our work, we must grasp the rules and regulations of the manipulation to carry out the work. The oil condition of the machine must be free of residue in order to be in the best condition. When we add lubricating oil into the machine, we can follow the requirements of the slide chart. Unpainted part of antitrust grease. The shearing machine must always clean run through the connection.

These considerations need to be done. In order to get the proper operation of machine tools, you can test the dissonant thickness of the sheet, from thin to thick to test. we need to debug it reasonably for the clearance of blade. When the plate shearing machine is working, it is necessary to maintain the balance of the machine's sound. If there is a noise, we should stop working immediately, The machine, like a man, must pay attention to its temperature. It is necessary to turn off the machine if the temperature is more than 60 degrees to rest, and often search electrical parts of the mission whether normal insurance is reliable. When the motor needs lubricating oil, we have to make regular, quantitative recharging. Basically, our machines need to be replaced at a certain time, and we need to check them regularly. At this time we need to check the wear for mechanical triangles.

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