The Advantages and Uses of Spiral Duct Machine and the Introduction of Anti-corrosion Knowledge

Ⅰ. Two advantages of the spiral duct machine

Many people may have heard of the spiral duct machine and know what products it produces. However, many people do not know that the spiral duct machine has two advantages. Let’s talk about it in detail.

The two advantages of the spiral duct machine are shown in the following two aspects:

1. The spiral duct machine has a fast production speed. Also, it has a high delivery rate, which greatly improves production efficiency and benefits the enterprise greatly. In addition, it occupies a small space with convenient operation.

2. The interior of the light steel keel is equipped with multiple and comprehensive safety protection. It uses excellent material for the body, which can withstand large pressure and is not easy to deform. Also, the frame structure has a strong load capacity and a long service life.

Ⅱ. Wide application of spiral duct machine production line

The spiral duct machine produces spiral ducts. It is also known as spiral bite thin wall pipe was first used in military industries in Western countries, such as warships and ships, and then used in civilian facilities such as trains, subways, and mines.

According to statistics, the proportion of the spiral air duct in offices, shopping centers, subways and other applications in the United States has reached 95.6% in 2000, and the central air-conditioning ducts in residential buildings reached 72.5%.

Air supply includes ventilation such as fresh air supply and exhaust air, and it has a wide range of applications such as factory workshops and production sites. Since harmful gases needed to be discharged outdoors and the outdoor air needs to be transported indoors, it is necessary to use the air conveying pipe with large flow and small pressure at this time. The spiral duct is the most suitable. Galvanized iron pipe is used in most cases, and stainless steel pipe is used in corrosive and particularly humid places.

Ⅲ. Anti-corrosion knowledge of spiral duct machine

The spiral duct machine is popular due to its outstanding advantages of high quality, low price and easy installation. Spiral duct machine manufacturers should pay more attention to the storage of the spiral duct machine.

The storage environment of the spiral duct machine is very important. The production equipment is powered by electricity, which requires the storage environment to meet the drying standard. If the environment is always full of moisture, the spiral duct machine is easy gets damp, which may lead to dangerous issues such as leakage and electric shock accidents.

In addition to the dry storage environment, china plasma cutting machine manufacturers should also pay attention to the anti-corrosion issue of the spiral duct machine. The spiral duct machine is made of metal material, and corrosive substances are easily volatilized into the air, which indirectly affects the quality of the equipment and is very unfavorable for production. In addition, there will be no confusion when parts are stored separately, and it is convenient to replace and oval spiral ductwork.

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