The Working Principle of the Electric Shearing Machine

In the process of producing ventilation duct, the electric shearing machine is also a very important. It adopts the clutch structure and open gear transmission in the form of resistance bonding, and adopts advanced electrical appliances (foot switch and manual switch) for operation, with low noise and convenient operation and maintenance. All steel welding structure is adopted, with simple structure, simple operation, beautiful appearance and low energy consumption.

The main features of the electric shearing machine are compact structure, easiness of carrying, low cost, easiness of use and high efficiency. It can shear all metal and non-metallic plates with thickness of 1.5mm. If it is improved or necessary accessories (such as adsorption device) are added, the original characteristics can be further improved and the scope of application can be expanded. Its working principle is as follows:

The electric shearing machine is driven by the axial movement of the square guide rail to drive a group of blades mounted on the support body for rapid relative movement. In order to make the structure compact, the bracket body and the square guide rail are fixed as a whole with screws. Its power is driven by the pistol electric power station and the square guide rail sliding body through the connecting rod and lined with an eccentric sleeve (eccentricity = 1.5 mm) to slide with the main shaft of the pistol electric power station, and the whole structure is matched and fixed with the shaft diameter of the flashlight shell.

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