The Performance Characteristics of Duct Plasma Cutting Machine

Ⅰ. High-quality BLKMAduct plasma cutting machine

The duct plasma cutting machine produced by Anhui Heima Heavy Industry Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is specially optimized for the duct cutting. The cutting speed is faster, the cutting precision is higher, and the cutting effect is better. And with the special air duct deployment software, the user only needs to select the type of air duct to be cut, enter the corresponding size parameters, and then automatically discharge the material and automatically generate the processing program. The user can directly use the U disk to transfer the processing program on the cutting machine and cut it. 

Especially for the ventilation duct industry, it is specially used for the rapid plasma cutting of thin and medium carbon steel plates, aluminum plates, copper plates, stainless steel plates and other workpieces below 2mm, with good results, no slag and burrs; directly connected to a desktop computer with a common configuration when in use, Use drawing software to draw graphics directly, without conversion, direct cutting, and simple layout, workpiece co-edge setting, purchase of this company's equipment can enjoy free home delivery, installation, commissioning and training.

Ⅱ. Main performance characteristics of duct plasma cutting machine

1. The special China CNC cutting machine for air duct of BLKMA is a desktop high-speed duct plasma cutting machine with a simple and generous appearance.

2. The cutting system adopts a pneumatic floating height adjustment device, which has excellent performance when cutting steel plates with a thickness of less than 5mm. It fundamentally solves the problem of gun collision caused by high-speed cutting.

3. The skeleton is welded by steel pipes and subjected to aging vibration treatment to remove internal stress and have good stability.

4. For all kinds of sheet metal blanking, especially the unfolding and cutting of air duct sheet metal, the cutting accuracy of the air duct plasma cutting machine can reach the excellent index, and the lower limit of the laser cutting machine can be reached if equipped with the American Hypertherm plasma power supply.

5. The cutting opening is small, neat and without slag drop, avoiding the secondary trimming process.

6. Suitable for metal plates such as iron plate, aluminum plate, galvanized plate, stainless steel plate, titanium plate and so on.

7. Fast cutting speed, high precision and low cost. A set of plasma nozzle electrodes only costs a few yuan.

8. The air duct plasma cutting machine has high configuration, automatic arc ignition, stable performance, and the arc ignition success rate is over 99%.

9. The special software for air duct unfolding and cutting is provided with the machine, so there is no need to master complicated drawing and calculation. Just select the corresponding air duct type and input simple parameters to automatically generate a processing program for cutting processing.

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