Development of CNC Cutting Machine Plasma Technology in China

Tracing back to the development history of cnc plasma cutting machine, we can clearly understand the rapid development of cnc plasma cutting machine. From its emergence to its production and use in China, it shows a very good momentum of development and huge market potential.

Since the United States successfully developed plasma cutting technology in the mid-1950s, the world has developed rapidly. With the emergence of computer and digital control technology, plasma cutting technology has gradually developed from manual or semi-automatic to numerical control. CNC plasma cutting technology in China started in the 1990s. Some universities, research institutes and manufacturers have studied CNC plasma cutting technology, and gradually developed and produced various specifications of CNC plasma cutting equipment.

First, the Iintroduction of plasma cutting technology. The working principle of plasma cutting technology is to use high temperature and high speed plasma arc as heat source to melt the cut metal locally, and to blow the melted metal away at the same time with high air flow to form a narrow slit. CNC plasma cutting technology is a combination of plasma cutting technology, inverter power technology and CNC technology, which is based on the common progress of computer control, plasma arc characteristics, power electronics and other disciplines.

Second, the status of plasma cutting machine china technology . In small and medium-sized enterprises, even in some large enterprises, plate cutting is generally manual cutting, copying machine cutting and semi-automatic cutting machine cutting. With the vigorous development of domestic economic situation and the acceleration of the trend of welding instead of casting in China's entry into WTO, the advantages of CNC cutting are gradually being recognized.

Third, the market potential and development trend of CNC plasma cutting in China. The annual market demand of cnc plasma cutting machines china is about 3000-5000. The main products are CNC plasma cutting machines. Comparatively speaking, the sales volume of the copying cutter is tens of thousands of sets every year, and the sales volume of the semi-automatic cutter is tens of thousands of sets every year. From the development trend of CNC plasma cutting industry abroad, it can be predicted that the market demand of CNC plasma cutting machine in China will still be dominated by CNC plasma cutting machine.

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