How Much Do You Know About the Use of Spiral Duct Machine?

Among many ventilation systems, the automatic spiral duct machine has played a great role in the use process, and has brought great help to our life, but I believe that many people do not know our automatic spiral duct machine. In order to help you better understand our spiral duct machine today, we will introduce some principles and uses of our automatic spiral duct machine for you to understand.

1. What is a spiral duct machine?

The automatic spiral duct machine, as the name suggests, is a machine used to produce spiral ducts. Spiral duct is also commonly known as spiral lock seam thin-walled pipe. The automatic spiral duct machine is used in the military industry of western countries, such as warships, air exhaust (supply) systems of ship, and later used for civil purposes such as trains, subways, and mines.

By 2000, according to statistics, the use of spiral ducts in office buildings, shopping malls, and subways in the United States reached 95.6%, and the application of spiral ducts in central air conditioners in residential buildings reached 72.5%.

2. The main purpose of the spiral duct machine

The spiral duct is mainly used to connect the air between the two places smoothly, thus playing a certain role in ventilation. At present, the most widely used automatic elbow machine on the market is used for the production of spiral ducts.

The scope of application of the spiral duct is very wide. Supply and return ducts of purification systems, ventilation ducts of central air conditioners, ventilation ducts for industrial air supply and exhaust, suction and exhaust ducts of environmental protection systems, gas drainage pipes for mines, rubber-coated ducts for mines, etc.

Ventilation system: send fresh air and exhaust. First discharge harmful gases to the outside, and then send outdoor fresh air to the room. Generally speaking, the flow rate of ventilation system is very large, so it is required to use air delivery ducts with less resistance to save construction and operating costs - spiral ducts are suitable. In general, galvanized iron pipes are used, and stainless steel pipes are used in corrosive and particularly humid places.

Air-conditioning system: The spiral duct can be affixed with thermal insulation material, and the appearance is beautiful.

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