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The Effect of Lock Forming Machine

How to choose a good lock forming machine? How to choose among many lock forming machine suppliers? Let's look at the role of lock forming machine before we make a choice.

1. The minimum length of the plate bite section should not be less than 300 mm, otherwise the plate and the forming roll will contact too little at the same time, which will cause the horizontal resistance of the bite greater than the friction force feeding forward to the plate, so that the sheet slips between the forming rolls and accelerates the wear of the forming part of the roll.

2. Before use, the feeding guide should be adjusted to the specified position and size and fixed in strict accordance with the requirements of equipment debugging. If the actual position of the feeding guide is less than the prescribed position size, the lock forming will not form; if the feeding size is larger than the prescribed position size, the size of the lock forming will exceed the prescribed size, resulting in two sheets unable to bite or waste material; if the feeding guide is seriously skewed, it is easy to produce the skewing defect of the uneven width of the lock forming.

3. For the adjustment of radial reserved clearance of upper and lower forming rollers, not only the tightness is required, but also the consistency is required. If the reserved clearance is too small, it is difficult to feed, even after forcible feeding, lock forming cracks seriously; if the reserved clearance is too large, it will cause lock forming. irregular shape or sheet slipping between forming rollers. When using stainless steel or aluminum plate lock forming, the radial reserved clearance should be adjusted more than the clearance required for the same thickness steel plate, otherwise, it will cause equipment overload or lock forming. cracking and other phenomena.

4. The thickness of a biting machine plate should be within the range specified by various specifications of products. When the minimum thickness is less than 0.5mm, the bite is prone to crack and wrinkle. When the maximum thickness is greater than 1.2mm or 1.5mm, the abnormal damage of forming rollers, transmission system overload and nausea cars will be caused by the obvious increase of bending force, because the forming power of the main machine is proportional to the square of sheet thickness.

5. The processing ability of the lock forming machine is designed according to the processing of the common steel plate. Common A3 thin steel plate, galvanized thin steel plate and plastic composite steel plate all have good lock forming properties. The strength of the stainless steel plate is higher than that of ordinary steel plate. Before using stainless steel plate lock forming, first of all, forming experiments should be done to avoid overloading the equipment and causing excessive wear or mechanical accidents. Because of the poor plasticity of aluminum sheet, it is easy to crack when forming. Forming test should be done before construction. The forming roller and shaft should be further improved and further processed according to the actual situation. At the same time, because of the lack of elasticity of aluminum sheet, the air duct of the aluminum sheet cannot be locked by button forming.

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