Duplex Flange Forming Machine

Duplex Flange Forming Machine

Duplex TDF flange forming machine can form flangeat two sides of duct simultaneously. It's double-sided driven and able to meet mobile requirements of high accuracy with liner guideways ofTaiwan Hiwin. Company with single type, duplex type help us improve efficiency, reduce deliveryduration and save up labor. Our company would specially introduce high-strength rolling reelsmade of GCr15, a kind of steel which prolongs the machine life by more than 5 years and outputsstainless steel TDF flange.

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Duplex Flange Forming Machine Technical Performance Feature:

Duplex TDF flange forming machine can form flange shape at two sides of sheet metal simultaneously. The machine adopts double-side drive with Tai wan HWIN linear guide rail to realize high loads and high remove accuracy. What’s more, we can add clip at two sides of the machine according to customers' requirement. Compared with single TDF flange forming machine, the duplex TDF flange forming machine can provide duct processing efficiency and shorten duct making time. It will save labor costs to a large extent. Our company especially launch the machine with GCr15 steel rolling reel. The service life is 5 times than common 45 steel material. Besides, this machine can make stainless steel flange. You can also call it double TDF flange forming machine. As one part of square HVAC duct making machines, the duplex flange forming machine can be used with other square ventilation duct forming machines together to finish a whole duct processing, such as lock forming machine, pneumatic sheet metal folding machine, grooving machine, motor cutting machine, lock seam closing machine, clips cutting machine, etc. We can provide a complete machines series on the basis of different customers requirements and practical operating environment. BLKMA company has both CNC duct production line which can make air duct automatically and separate machines which are easier to move. You can contact us at any time via email, mob, WhatsApp, Skype, facebook, youtube, and WeChat if you have any question about HVAC duct machines. We will reply you and help you to solve all problems as soon as possible. For after-sales service, we have skilled technicians who can teach you how to operate machines via video. Besides, engineer overseas service is available. If you want engineer overseas service, you need to tell our worker especially. We need to check detailed information with you because there are different specifications in the different country. 

Duplex Flange Forming Machine Main Technical Parameters:




Sheet thickness











Duplex Flange Forming Machine






Duplex Flange Forming Machine
Duplex Flange Forming Machine
Duplex Flange Forming Machine
Duplex Flange Forming Machine
Duplex Flange Forming Machine

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