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(Pipe Beader)Operation Mode of Whole Automatic Pipe Bender

With the development of social science, automatic pipe bender has been developed. The angle of bending pipe of hydraulic pipe bender needs to be adjusted manually. The precision of manual feeding can not meet the requirements, and the work efficiency is also greatly discounted and labor-intensive. The emergence of automatic elbow machine has changed the past situation. It has high efficiency and accuracy and is very popular in the market with high requirements for pipe bending processing.

First: Test Mode

After the foot starts to work, the pedal is used again to stop working when working, and if you need to continue working, you need to use the pedal again, and press the stop key can  stop working.
Test Instruction: The test machine can only be used for the empty operation of the machine, not for processing! Please be careful! The test machine only eliminates all pedal movements except the first starting. As in the formal production, the other movement processes will  continue to circulate until the counting value is equal to the set number or the key stops.

Second, semi-automatic mode

After the pedal starts to work, in the working state, the pedal done again will stop action, but also need to use the pedal again to start working, and press the stop key can stop work. A workflow may have two pedal works, that is, once the work begins and the other is taking the pipes.

Third: Manual mode

When you enter the screen manually, press the key on the side of the action description to execute the corresponding actions. The end of the action is determined by the set time, which is displayed as "in place".

Fourth: Automatic mode

After the pedal starts to work, when working, the pedal action stops working again, and if it needs to continue working, we should do the pedal again, and it stops working by pressing the stop key. A workflow needs one pedal action at one time, that is, once the work begins.

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