Application of Automatic Control System in Air Duct Production Line

With the large-scale application of central air conditioning, the demand for ventilation ducts has also increased. The so-called air duct is a pipe system used for air transportation and distribution, which is widely used in commercial public places such as supermarkets, shopping malls, exhibitions, theaters and so on. The duct production line is composed of a feeding rack, a leveling and beading machine, a cutting edge and square cutting hydraulic angle shearing machine, a hydraulic shearing machine, and a hydraulic folding machine.

1. Process requirements of automatic control system of duct production line

Each duct needs to be bent 3 times, hits the large square mold 2 times, hits the small square mold 3 times, and cuts 1 time. There are a total of nine actions, and when each action is executed, the servo must stop. After the action is completed, the servo must automatically start. The distance the servo drives is different each time, and the distance traveled at each step and the action after stopping should be determined according to the size of the air duct of the duct production line.

According to calculations, the action of small square mold and bending is crossed regularly, and the way of crossing pipes of different sizes is different. For example, when making a relatively small pipe, the three small square molds are all set, and the bending action is never done once. Some pipes are made with two square molds, one bending underneath, another small square mold made, and two more bendings.

2. The design idea of automatic control system of duct production line

To make a complete air duct requires 9 mechanical actions, and the servo will automatically start and stop 8 times. The distance traveled each time depends on the width and height of the pipe.

However, the number of mechanical actions is fixed. We can calculate the total distance traveled by the duct production line servo and divide it into 8 segments. After calculation, the distance of the small square mold is 3 from the origin. Through the different settings, 3 distances can be calculated through the formula, and these 3 distances correspond to the action of making a small square model. In this way, the corresponding lengths of these nine actions can be found out, and then their corresponding actions can be determined.

3. The operation effect of automatic control system of duct production line

From the operation of the system, it can be seen that the production accuracy and stability of the duct production line of the automatic control system have been significantly improved. In the case of automatic material opening, any length of auxiliary materials can be opened. When the set quantity is finished, the duct production will automatically stop.

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