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Causes of the Abnormality of the Folding Machine

For the actual operation of the folding machine, what are the main factors that cause abnormal phenomena in the actual use? It is quite common for the equipment to appear abnormal condition because of the serious wear and tear of this equipment. It is also very common for the equipment to appear abnormal condition because of the corrosion of this equipment. The corrosion mentioned here does not refer to the corrosion of a single drug in chemistry. In practical application, the corrosion of intermediate equipment is divided into many different categories. For example, uniform corrosion, small hole corrosion, galvanic corrosion, crevice corrosion, abrasiveness corrosion, intergranular corrosion, selective corrosion, stress corrosion and so on. However, these eight conditions are most common, and all the corrosion situations are very serious. If we don't pay much attention to this matter, it will have a very big impact on our normal use. In the actual operation, if the actual values exceed the limit values of the equipment, or the maintenance of the equipment is not carried out for a long time, the equipment wear or abnormality may easily occur. All these are very important for the service life of the equipment. Therefore, in the actual use process, only after the regular inspection of the equipment and the maintenance work, can the service life of the hand folding machine be prolonged effectively, and the quality of the product can be improved effectively.
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