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What Equipment is Needed for Making HVAC Duct Manufacturing Machines?

HVAC works in a variety of ways, requiring many different tools and equipment. For example, when creating ducts for buildings, special tools are needed to process sheet metal, and even more, precise HVAC duct manufacturing machines are needed to make ducts.

Processing sheet metal is dangerous and complicated work. Proper equipment can improve the efficiency of air duct production and reduce labor costs. Here are some HVAC duct manufacturing machines:

Bite Machine - Press the metal sheet into a special shape so that the parts can be locked together to form a solid part that will not be easily separated.

Flange forming machine - a flange, which allows rapid connection and disassembly of pipe parts. Flange forming machine stamps metal sheet into the flange.

Flanging Machine - Used to bend metal sheets into desired shapes.

Hydraulic Shearing Machine - Use hydraulic pressure sheet to cut metal plate.

Hydraulic rack - used to store and transport metal sheets or coils.

Hydraulic rivet pliers - This is the protruding part used to remove damaged rivets.

Pian Samsung Roller Roller Roller Roller - can be used for conveying pipes, metal rods, metal plates, etc., and bend continuously at a specific angle.

Ventilation pipe seaming machine - only need to put the completed duct into the vertical seaming machine, can complete the last step of the duct - seaming.

Round elbow biting machine - making elbow for round pipe biting joint. The same machine can bite or close.

CNC plasma cutting machine - used for cutting specific shapes from metal sheets.

Spiral air duct machine - used to make metal strips into spiral tubes, change different sizes of die to form different sizes of circular tubes, so that the size of air duct is more precise and uniform, the size of pipe is stable, sealing performance and forming effect is good, and the forming process is more stable and fast.

Fully automatic air duct production line - an integrated air duct production line composed of multiple systems, which can automatically manufacture air ducts. The production speed can be adjusted by processing air ducts of different sizes, shapes, and specifications according to the demand.

Not all equipment is necessary, but many of them make it less difficult and time-consuming to make ducts. If there is enough space to place these HVAC duct manufacturing machines and can afford them, you can consider buying them. At the same time, you need to pay attention to selecting well-known brand manufacturers such as Anhui Black Horse, equipped with complete equipment, which will greatly improve the efficiency of air duct production and bring huge economic benefits to enterprises.
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