BLKMA Introduces the Lock Former Machine in Detail for You

Lock former machine, also known as bone crimping machine, occluding machine, duct biting machine, duct winding machine. Lock former machine is a multifunctional machine, mainly used in the biting process of metal plate connection and circular air tube connection. The lock former machine is suitable for the production of ducts for ventilation, air conditioning, purification and the others. 

The lock former machine is a multi-function machine, mainly used in the occlusal process of the flat connection and the closed connection of the circular duct. It can be used in the process of different shapes of the air duct.

Five bite methods of lock former machine:

1. Single flat bite, used for joints of plates and longitudinal joints of ducts;

2. A single vertical occlusion, used for elbows, bends back and forth and the horizontal seams of winding pipes;

3. Single-angle occlusion, used for the longitudinal joints of rectangular ducts or parts, and the corners of rectangular elbows and three links;

4. Joint bite, same as the third method;

5. The use of double flat bite and double force bite is the same as the first and second methods. Because this method is complicated and cumbersome, it is not used that offen.

Since 1994, BLKMA has been one of the leading manufacturers of air duct forming machines. With our strong technical strength and years of production experience, we have provided high-quality products to customers around the world. The lock former machine we produce is your best choice to maximize processing efficiency and reduce customer use costs. Look forward to cooperating with you!

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