Do you Know the Spiral Duct Making Machines?

Now the application of spiral duct is very wide, many people also see business opportunities from it, and start to enter the duct production machine manufacturing and sales industry. The spiral duct making machine is commonly used in the market. What precautions are there for use? The following will give you answers gradually.

The spiral duct making machine adopts the split structure of decoiler and main engine. It has human-machine interface and touch screen control. The operation is simple and convenient and you can just input the length and size of the duct. The rack adopts pneumatic brake disc structure, which can automatically control the rotation or braking of the rack. Arc track is installed at the bottom of the material rack, which can adjust the feeding angle freely and improve the feeding speed and accuracy.

The advantages of spiral duct making machine are as follows:

1) Good matching, high standardization.

2) Strong airtightness;

3) Low ventilation loss; low ventilation noise; a round tube is superior to a square tube.

4) Convenient factory inspection;

5) Anti-equalizing external pressure (negative pressure) program;

6) Material saving;

7) Convenient installation, few connection points, small installation space position, and low installation cost.

When the spiral duct making machine is working, the pipe mold with corresponding size must be used for each spiral duct with a certain diameter, and the pipe mold used is steel mold.  Compared with the aluminum mold, it is more durable and stable. It adopts high-speed circular saw automatic cutting system.

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