Brief Introduction of Stainless Steel Hole Punching Machine

Stainless steel hole punching machine is mainly used in automatic equipment for processing holes on stainless steel, anti-theft net, aluminium alloy and other materials. It can realize automatic punching. According to actual needs, it can replace and install punching dies of different specifications. The whole device has simple structure, simple operation, light weight and easy carrying. In the processing of stainless steel anti-theft net, guardrail, shelf and armrest hole, most enterprises consider stainless steel hole punching machine as the development direction with the increase of human resource cost.

With the development of the times and the improvement of the punching technology of stainless steel hole punching machine, the advantages of using all stainless steel hole punching machine to punch various stainless steel tubes and aluminium alloy materials are obvious, so it has replaced manual mechanical processing.

The stainless steel hole punching machine includes a punch press, in which an electric motor is installed. The output shaft of the motor extends out of the punch press and a first belt pulley is installed. A frame and its interior are provided with a punching die for locating the punching parts. The punching die has a punching hole matching the punching parts and is fixed at the end of the punch. A deceleration gear box is installed at the upper end of the frame, and a second belt pulley is installed on the input shaft of the deceleration gear box. The first belt pulley is connected with the second belt pulley through a belt; an eccentric wheel is installed on the output shaft of the deceleration gear box; an eccentric bearing is sleeved on the eccentric wheel; and the eccentric bearing passes through a circle. The ball and the eccentric wheel drive; a transmission shaft and its upper end are connected with the connecting part of the lower end of the eccentric bearing through a transmission sleeve, and the lower end of the transmission shaft is installed with a punch extending vertically into the punching die; and a pedal switch, which is electrically connected with the motor.

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