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The Function of Portable Duct Seamer Machine

Portable duct seamer machine is suitable for quick seam closure of square ventilation ducts. It has a smooth appearance, strong versatility, improves the quality of seam closure of ducts, reduces labor intensity, and achieves the effect of saving labor, time and expenditure. Portable duct seamer machine adopts heavy chassis, arc welded steel frame, high-quality cylinder, seam wheelset is quenched and rounded. To ensure that the structure is strong and durable, seam fast and accurate, with long service life.

Convenient, fast and efficient portable duct seamer machine is an ideal tool for rapid completion of Dongyang bone seam. Different from the traditional way of sewing by people, the use of portable duct seamer machine, product forming speed not only leaps and bounds but also low noise, so that the effect of sewing appears beautiful. And we provide different models, more targeted completion of different materials, the plate thickness of conventional air duct seam (F300, F301). Especially for the Oriental joint of the blower, we have a professional model. We can meet all kinds of needs of our customers. Whether you need a perfectly straight line or arc beauty, or just simple burr cleaning, portable duct seamer machine can be your ideal tool. Its versatility and flexibility can provide a lot of savings and make it an attractive machine. The machine is very compact and can operate in difficult places.
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