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Simple Analysis on the Economy Type and Quick Type of the Spiral Pipe Making Machine

The use of the spiral pipe making machine can reduce a lot of construction cost and operation cost, which is an important point for many consumers to choose the spiral air pipe machine.

In addition to such feelings, the number one piece of feedback from a lot of consumers is about the economic type and quick type. Then, what is the specific performance of the economic type and quick type of the spiral pipe making a machine? Next, let me answer it for you now.

First, let's look at the economic type of the spiral pipe making a machine. The production and use of the spiral pipe making machine is based on the national standard, the same pipe diameter, the cost reduction of the main material is reduced by15-20%, the same installation accessories (hanging key, etc.) is simple, the quantity is less, the cost is reduced by 30%, and the hoisting efficiency is two times higher than that of the other windpipes during the construction. Under the same thickness and equal pipe diameter, the spiral windpipe has high strength and beautiful shape. Under the same cross-section, the spiral windpipe is more reasonable than other windpipes. It obviously reduces the vibration noise. When under the same length, the connection number of the flange is less, the sealing performance is better than other windpipes, and the system ventilation quality is high. Under the same conditions, the low-speed air supply and exhaust of the windpipe can be changed to high speed sending and exhausting. The system design can reduce the total amount of the windpipe, not only economical but also save space.

Finally, let's take a look at the quick type of the spiral pipe. Efficient construction, such as short construction period which is better for the urgent project, with better mechanization, quick and high efficiency. The number of connecting flanges is less, the load of the hoisting connection is reduced by about 50%, the single pipe diameter spiral windpipe with a single hanging point, and the hoisting is fast and efficient. There is no need for the construction process in the field. Reduce the field operation personnel and management procedures, support the special-shaped pipe fittings to be assembled on-site, and hoist simply.

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