Classification and Application of Duct Beader Machine

The duct beader machine can be roughly divided into CNC duct beader machine, hydraulic duct beader machine, automatic duct beader machine, and so on. It is mainly used in the pipeline laying and repair in electric power construction, railway construction, boiler, bridge, ship, furniture, decoration and other aspects, with the advantages of many functions, reasonable structure, simple operation. This machine not only has the function of pipe bending, but also can use the cylinder as a hydraulic jack. Compared with the CNC pipe bending equipment, this machine has the characteristics of low price and easy use. It occupies the leading position in the domestic duct beader machine market.

Usage of duct beader machine: hydraulic duct beader machine is mainly used in electric power construction, highway and railway construction, pipeline laying and repair of boilers, bridges, ships, furniture, decoration, etc. It has many advantages, such as multi-function, reasonable structure, simple operation, convenient movement and quick installation. CNC duct beader machine can bend pipes with one bending radius (single mode) or two bending radius (double mode) in cold state. It is widely used in the bending of various pipes and wires in automotive, air conditioning and other industries. The duct beader machine is mainly used for plastic forming of pipes.

First, use method of duct beader machine

(1) Refer to the instructions for the use of electric oil pumps.
(2) Put the working cylinder first
(3) Screw in the box
(4)  Screw the internal threads so that the rear end of the cylinder mounted on the bracket wheel down.
(5) Choosing die according to the outside diameter of the bended pipe
(6) Sleeve on plunger
(7) The grooves corresponding to the two rollers are directed towards the die head, and then placed into the corresponding size of the flower board.
(8) In the hole, cover the upper ceiling, insert the curved pipe into the groove, and then put the high-pressure tubing.
(9) Fast end joint
(10) The movable part is pulled back and sleeved in the working cylinder.
(11) On the connection, the electric oil pump shall be operated.
(12) Oil release screw
(13) Turn tightly and bend the pipe. When the elbow is finished, loosen the drain screw and plunger
(14) Automatic reset.

Second, notes:

(1) Refer to the instructions for the use of electric oil pumps.
(2) Do not unload the fast joint when there is load.
(3) Oil is used as the medium, and the cleaning and maintenance of oil and its equipment must be done well to avoid silting up or oil leakage, which will affect the use effect.

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