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The Advantages of Auto Duct Line

We all know that the production and processing of air duct need to be done through the auto duct processing equipment. The auto duct line is widely used now, it is a kind of integrated and systematic production of auto duct equipment, including TDF flange machine, steel plate shearer, edging machine and so on.

The main advantages

Auto duct line adopts advanced numerical control and fiber optic information transmission technology. It can produce different kinds of the air duct, in addition to the common air-condition duct, galvanized duct, it can also produce elbow, tee joint, S-bend pipe and other different duct components.

The auto duct line is highly automated, which greatly improves the efficiency and precision of air duct production and reduces the production cost and time. At the same time, the TDF flange duct also reduces the weight of the duct and the loss of materials.

The TDF flange duct can automatically emboss. It has high intensity, beautiful appearance and Reliably Sealing, which meets the needs of modernization projects to improve the competitive advantages of installation units. It has a place in all walks of life.

Auto Duct Line
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