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Cnc Angle Steel Flange Production Line

The cnc angle steel flange production line consists of eight parts. Horizontal feeding part, turnover feeding part, longitudinal feeding path part, feeding trolley, main engine part (one typing unit, two punching units and one shearing unit), finished product blanking part, hydraulic power part and electrical control part.


1. Horizontal feeding part

The synchronization of three chains with shifting blocks is realized by motor and reducer driven by sprocket and chain, through two long axles and self-made coupling. In this way, it makes angle steel stable and has low noise in the process of transportation. The function of this part is to convey the angle steel to the material trough, which is to be retrieved by turning the material claw.

2. Reversal feeding part

The synchronization of three rotating arms with feeding claws is realized by motor and reducer driven by sprocket and chain, through long shaft and self-made coupling. The function of this part is to take the angle steel to be processed in the feeding trough of the transverse feeding table to the feeding path.

3. Longitudinal feeder

The material track is composed of conveying roller, bracket, rack and moving linear guide.

4. Feeding trolley

There are mobile car body, clamp body, clamp cylinder, swing cylinder, servo motor, encoder and other components. Longitudinal feeding channel and feeding trolley are inseparable. Connect with ball linear guide. When it is working, the feeding car is fixed on two sliders of the linear guideway and moves along the linear guideway. Firstly, angle steel is manually fed into the clamp to clamp tight. According to the instructions of the computer, the material is automatically fed into the main machine by the servo motor for printing, punching and cutting.

5. Host part

Press frame: The main function of this unit is to press the angle steel for printing, punching and shearing, so as to prevent the deviation of angle steel from affecting the processing accuracy. At the same time, it is also a mechanism to overcome punching, shearing and drawing force.

Printing unit: It is composed of fixed bed, floating bed, hydraulic pressure head and four cylinders to realize the transposition of four word boxes. According to the instructions of the computer, print it in the position required by the drawings. In order to meet the processing range of the machine, a manual adjusting mechanism is added, which can be used to change the downward position of the mobile fuselage (i.e. the working position of the header) to suit the typing position of angle steels of different specifications.

Punching unit: It consists of three pieces of fuselage fixed on the base, two self-made hydraulic cylinders, four sets of die holders with upper and lower dies and two sets of driving mechanisms. Two different specifications of punches can be installed on each side of the unit, and each punch is equipped with a cylinder. The cylinder piston rod is connected with a gasket which is arranged between the punch rod and the cylinder head. According to the computer instructions, the punch is automatically selected, which means, the corresponding cylinder is selected to push the corresponding gasket. The determination of the alignment position is that the motor drives the die frame up and down to the required piercing alignment position through the ball screw drive.

Shearing unit: It is composed of frame fuselage, hydraulic power cylinder, upper blade mechanism and lower blade mechanism. The gap between upper blade and lower blade is guaranteed by changing the thickness of lower blade according to the thickness of angle steel to ensure the cutting quality.

6. Cutting off part of finished product

It is composed of supporting roll, two-side or one-side turning cylinder, etc. The processed workpiece is turned out and placed on the left or right side by controlling the left or right turn button on the button station.

7. Hydraulic power part

It is composed of oil tank, high pressure and low pressure pump, cooler, main valve group and other control valve group.
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