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Electric Shearing Machine

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  • Electric Rolling MachineElectric Rolling Machine2017/12/12Performance Features:Pre-bending function makes straight edges narrower, and it can even round small round pipe with diameter of 100mm. Combined with manual worm gear and eccentric wheel device the ma...
  • Electric Shearing MachineElectric Shearing Machine2017/12/12Performacne Features: The machine is overall steel-welded and gate-type with chain drive.The motor has its own brake, which means no power consuming when not shearing. It's suitable for processing she...
  • Small Electric Shearing MachineSmall Electric Shearing Machine2017/12/12Small Electric Shearing Machine Performance Feature:Small electric shearing machine is with reduction motor and no gears structure so that the machine requires less maintenance. This small guillotine ...
  • Electric Lock Seaming MachineElectric Lock Seaming Machine2017/12/12Electric Lock Seaming Machine Performance Feature:Electric lock seaming machine can lock 0.3-1.2 square HVAC air duct. This machine is small and very easy to operate. It's suitable for lock closing du...
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